A sequence of few ones and zeros does not provide much in terms of data value, maybe one letter of the alphabet or a number, but each small sequence used in different ways can provide tools for the manipulation of all digital information. It is within this area of data configuration that our engineers have focused their research, and developed certain methodologies for the protection and movement of information across diverse networks. We refer to those methodologies as CYBERDATAfx.

Within any large sample of binary data definable sequences are surrounded by chaos, this effect we refer to as "conformity within random sets". Subsets of those sequences have value relevant to the sample being examined, and carry a relationship to other sequences nearby. CYBERDATAfx utilizes a set of tools that manipulate frequency, range and median values within data samples of varying length, radically modifying the structure of information within a non-repeating framework that includes network guidance policies.

Those manipulated sequences and their relevancy to the sample group in which they are located have application in many areas of information technology, particularly within areas of accessibility and distribution where some form of control is required. Our engineers have developed applications that can be utilized within software and connected systems, specifically defensive and verification seeking within end point devices. CYBERDATAfx capabilities can be adapted or integrated for use with legacy systems.

Data Distortion

CYBERDATAfx varying length samples are distorted across their range.

Relevancy Of Sets

CYBERDATAfx determines the relevant value of subordinate and prime sample sets.

Recurrence Effect

CYBERDATAfx examines similarities to eliminate instances of recurrence.

End Point Tether

CYBERDATAfx introduces device level point verification.

Device Sequencing

CYBERDATAfx establishes data channels between end point devices.

Autonomic Policy Strcutures

CYBERDATAfx data samples are based on self deterministic strategies.