Defense In Depth

Changing the landscape to remove targets of interest from global network threats.

Innovative Data Science

We work with very small numbers to produce massive results.

Beyond Blockchain

Exploring chains within divergent systems for global adoption.

It is our mission to developĀ  "defense in depth" solutions for networked systems using innovative data science techniques, to raise the barrier against unauthorized access to information and improve confidence in operational security. We focus on the Information, End Point Identity and Instance of Use to apply proprietary solutions in partnership with third party technologies for a multi layer approach.

Any device is at risk of being compromised or removed altogether from owner control, and any network will have multiple nodes that are completely hidden from the user. The evolution of Internet of Things or IoT with more portable computing devices connected to global systems, virtual cloud offerings that hide the underlying infrastructure and remote sensing devices will require stronger validity testing and time of use defense methods. Our disruptive technology applied to legacy systems brings a new level of confidence in all things digital.